Monday, February 07, 2011

A Post Mortem...

Or mortem post if you will...

It's here we will spend a lot of time dissecting the Super Bowl game. Ready? Ok... Let's begin.

Green Bay scored 31 points, Pittsburgh only scored 25.

Well... enough of that, let's get onto the important things.

How about that pre-pre-pre-pre-game show? And the pre-pre-pre-game show... now that was really something. I thought the pre-pre-game show was a bit slow, but they rallied slightly during the regular pre-game show.

I would comment on the pre-game festivities, but alas... I was called away to take care of a heifer and her first calf, so all that I got to see was Christina Aguil... Agul... Aguille... you know, the gal that was set to sing the National Anthem, smile and wave at the camera.

Because of this... I had to rely on the radio this morning for the anthem wrap up. The local DJ, who usually entertains me asked people to text in or email what they thought of Christina's performance. The first message to make the air was, why do these people think they have to embellish the hell out of the Star Spangled Banner? And secondly... if you're going to wreck the song with all these vocal stylings... at least remember the frelling words!

Now that is a good point. When you're asked to sing the SSB at the SB, people aren't there to be impressed by you, you're just something else they have to endure before the game begins. Sing the damn song in a simple, yet tonally beautiful way, wave to the crowd, and get the hell off the field.

Perhaps the most classic message that came across the DJ's desk was one that made me laugh out loud. It simply read...

"That was Christina? Damn... I thought it was Snookie with a bad dye job."

Today's mystery lyric: (Remember the rules folks, no online searching of the lyrics, if you don't know it, you don't have the answer!)

You know you can't have fire without the flame
Can't keep the fortune without the fame
That's how he makes it when he's on his own

Answer to last lyric: Oh Yeah by Yello. Only one guess? I'm so disappointed.