Saturday, August 16, 2008

Smilie Code 101

Quite often, I find myself reverting back to the things I'm familiar with, and quite often, I also forget that there's a new crop of viewers around here that aren't familiar with these things. So in an attempt to enlighten the rest of you, I'll now give you a free course in Smilie 101.

First of all, the little smilie codes that I use are the ones that I first became familiar with, and well... that doesn't make them right or wrong, but just the way I learned them. For example... the easy emoticons to use are of course the wink -- ;), the tongue -- :P, and the winking tongue -- ;P. But what happens when you want to convey a different message? Well... some folks out there actually came up with little pictures and then associated certian typewritten codes to be associated with them. They're mostly popular on online bulletin boards because they're easy to use, and that's where I picked them up. So if I use some strange typings in my comments on your blogs, or in response to your comments here, now you'll know what they mean.

ewink Now this little gem is the evil wink. The evil wink means that you are winking, but with a little bit of a devilish intent. It is represented by :ewink: .

elol Closely associated with the :ewink: is the evil laugh. Like the :ewink: it means that you are laughing, but with a little bit of a devilish intent. It is represented by the :elol: .

ppbb I'm not sure this one needs any explanation. I do wonder why KTM seems to direct this one at me repeatedly though... It's represented by :ppbb: .

eek This little gem is of course the eek. It too is pretty self explanatory. It's represented by the :eek: .

eek5 Closely associated with the eek, is another eek. On the bulletin board that I learned these from, there were several different eeks, this one happened to be eek5, so it's represented by :eek5: .

groove This is kind of a fun one. It's known as the groove. When you're happy and can't help groovin', this is just the smilie for you. It's represented by the :groove: .

g2f This friendly smilie is of course the one I need to use most often. Yep... when dealing with you types, it comes in quite handy. The infamous gone too far smilie. It's represented by the :g2f: .

innocent And lastly one that also needs no explanation. The infamous *innocent* smilie, conveying something of which you aren't quite entirely innocent of. It's represented by the :innocent: .

There are numerous others, but that's enough for now. Perhaps at the 102 level, you'll be introduced to the coffee, beergood, and spinning smilies.


Today's mystery lyric: (Remember the rules folks, no online searching of the lyrics, if you don't know it, you don't have the answer!)

Hey there you, way out there could you show me,
just a signal, or a sign?
That after all, all these years that you know me
And I'm not just, killin' time.

Answer to last lyric: Extreme Ways by Moby

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Blame Tiff: Episode IV, A New Hope

Yes... that damn Tiff... she really missed the Muppets, and of course linked to a YouTube of them, which has caused me to sit at a computer watching Muppets now for the last few hours...

So it reminded me of the time that I decided to blend some of my favorite characters to trading cards. It was hard to do, but I've got mad skillz in all things tradingcardish... so I present to you, without further ado... Mupscape*

Our hero, and the cast of characters that you all can enjoy...

I hope you all enjoyed my work. I slaved almost incessantly over them for... well... some time. Please leave me all the compliments and whatever you do, don't go over to this blog and look at his drawing section. No really... I deserve all the credit here.

Sincerely -- Kimmy.

* All pictures shamelessly stolen... erm... I mean silently acquired, from

And now a throwback to posts of the past...

Today's mystery lyric: (Remember the rules folks, no online searching of the lyrics, if you don't know it, you don't have the answer!)

I would wait in line for this,
There's always room in life for this

Oh babe, oh babe,
Then it fell apart, it fell apart

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Of Dubbie, and Lacey, and All Things Middleman...

Yes folks... it's Huggy Bear again whippin' out my powder blue suit and fuzzy hat to come to yew folk and do what I do best... pimpin the ladies out...

Ok... I guess a couple of guys too, but don't hold that against me.

No, today we're here to do something that ABC is too brain dead to do... Actually let somebody know that there's a decent (and fun) show on one of their affiliate networks.

I have to blame PinTA for this instead of Tiff, but don't get carried away, I'll figure out something to blame Tiff for, I'm almost certain of it... ;) But let's get back to business shall we?

Ok... I was contently sitting there perusing a bulletin board I frequent and PinTA posted a thread about this show called the Middleman. She of course enjoyed it, and in doing so doomed it to cancellation straight away. So despite my better judgment... I went out and... erm... acquired the show and watched it. Unfortunately for me, I liked it too...

As you can see from the tagline on my little blog, I like acquired tastes, and the more bizarre and funtastic the show, the more I seem to enjoy it. For example...

I thought Keen Eddie was a fun show. Canceled. And I really hate to admit this in public, but I watched Firefly too when it first aired. Canceled. Then I watched the interesting concept known as Boom Town. Canceled. And so on, and so on...

So as you can tell the fun, smart shows that take a little bit of perception to actually appreciate I tend to go for. The Middleman (different link) fits this bill.

The Middleman is about a young photogenic artist that gets recruited to the Jolly Fats WeeHawken temp agency so that she can learn the trade and save the world in the process. Ok... I guess go here and read the review. He does a better job of describing it than I just did. The best way I can describe it is that it's kinda like what I picture Tiff's brain would look like if set to film. (Heehee!)

Suffice it to say... it's fun. An hour that you can just put your brain in semi-neutral and enjoy all of the pop culture references and quick banter between the characters. If the little subtexts on the screen don't make you chuckle... repeatedly... then you've got something wrong with you. Or maybe you're normal, and there's something wrong with me, but if the Middleman's wrong... I don't wanna be right.

On the down side... it might just be too smart for today's TV. If you liked Futurama, Eureka, Keen Eddie and the like, give it a try. Lord knows if there's not a viral advertising campaign like this one, nobodies gonna even know it exists.

So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tune into the ABC Family channel on Monday at 10pm Eastern (that's 8:00 for those of us that live in the Mountain states) and give the Middleman a try. If you like it, pass the love along. If you don't... you have no business remaining in the human race and you're the reason that our culture is declining. :P