Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ok... So You Don't Want to Think...

Judging by your comments, you DON'T want to think. Well... tough. Beth got you all into this mess and now you're going to have to! ;)


But I kinda lied in my post about George. I told you I'd let the rest of you listen to what you wanted to, but I can only put up with so much. If any of you belong to an organization, church, or have a bank account and use or accept checks, I think it's vital that you listen to another of his radio series'. I already knew some of this, and learned a lot more from another series of his which I bought, but goodness sakes... I really had no idea of what I'd got myself into by doing what I've done. I doubt that any of you know what you've done to yourself either. Anyway... I think it's in everyones best interest to listen to the check story.

Once again, here's the rest of the series: two,three,four,five,six,seven.

And that's probably the last time I'll do this... Probably. ;)

Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm Getting Old

What makes me say that? Is it the few grey hairs starting to show up in my beard? Is it the number on me ol' odometer? Is it that 20 year old girls now look like they're in 6th grade and when I look at them as being hot I feel like a dirty old man? Is it that I haven't been carded in well over 10 years?

Nope... none of the above.

It's the fact that I'm starting to wake up at 6:15 a.m. consistently every morning. 6:15!!! Without an alarm! Crap. Next thing you know I'll be biking to work...


Thursday, May 03, 2007

So You Want To Think...

If you don't want to think, sorry. Blame Beth. (See? I told you I'd get even for that crazy uncle comment... :P )

As I told you in my last post, I've met some wide and varied people in my young life. (What? Oh, shut up...) You all know I rarely drop names or titles here, occasionally I have, but only for what I consider good reasons. I wouldn't be telling you about this guy either, but he told me I could. Fact is, that's the only way people learn about him is through word of mouth.

You see... he's a private businessman. He doesn't advertise, nor does he actively recruit strangers. No, he relies on people contacting him. So...

Meet George Gordon.

George is a most interesting fellow. He was born and raised in California, but spent a lot of time in Boise. That's where he started to think for himself. One thing led to another, which led to another, and another, and...

He knows a lot of stuff. That's how he makes his living now. He teaches people like me what he knows. For a fee of course, but hey, he's entitled to it. Just looking at him, you can see that something's not average. Browse his website and you'll find that he's a peculiar fellow. He prices his classes in gold coin. How many folks do you know like that? He's the first I've ever met. As a sidenote, he showed me my first gold coin. Let me tell you what... they sure are pretty, and there's an intrinsic attraction that you can't describe, but I digress...

Anyway, George is not politically correct. And if he hasn't offended you yet, just wait. He's still getting around to it. But you know what? He doesn't care. He just reports what he's learned, and if that offends you, well... you don't have to listen.

He's said a lot of things to me over the years that have gone against my upbringing, but he always told me that if I can prove him wrong, he'll change, but if I can't, perhaps I should. It's a fair deal, and dangit... the scales are still tipped in his favor.

George is the guy that taught me how to be a pro se litigant. How that's gonna work out, I can't tell you. But we'll all learn together I suppose.

Go ahead and go to the link above, then you too can learn if you're a practicing communist (it's in the essays section). I'll bet you are. I was. I didn't think so and didn't want to be, but I was. I'm working on changing that.

Now George also has a radio program that he hosts. Most of his programs are archived on his website and I've become a regular listener. I've actually started getting up earlier than I ever used to and listen to one of his programs every morning. That's probably the best way to get acquainted. They're full of information, but of course he tells you some things to entice you into taking his classes. A fair exchange. If I had to pay for everything I've learned from him, it'd be far more.

I've listened to a lot of them. It's put a serious crimp in my TV viewing time. Of all the nerve...

But if you're interested, and have a few hours to spare, I suggest you start with this one. It's a series entitled Freedom.

Here's the rest of the series: two,three,four,five,six,seven.

I'll quit there. You can go to his archives and listen to more if you want to. But I will say this, if that doesn't explain how I've become the crazy uncle, well... you'll never understand. ;)